Legal Steroids And Why I Love Them

By January I’d had enough. 16 long months of strenuous exercise and insane discipline. Each meal meticously planned out like I employed the services of a personal nutritionist.

A shake to start the morning before my run. Ab workouts at the office when everbody else went out to starbuck. Selling my xbox and getting rid of my TV so I spent less time idle and more time being active. The gym had taken over my life with the help of anabolic supplements and steroids that are legal. The gym and weight training was my life

Sacrifice after Sacrifice. And what did it get me?


January came around and because my mother was coming into town I decided to take a week off from working out. One small week after 16 hard months of dedication was surely deserved. I just needed some time to decompress, a break from the grind. I mean what harm could that really do?

Well when you’re an ectomorph the answer is: a whole lot.

By the seventh day I had lost 7 lbs of muscle mass and was noticebly weaker. All those gains, all those reps and new personal records counted for little to nothing. My progress had gone away, my body looked like it did 5 months after I started working out.

That was it for me, I was going to change things.

When people talk about steroids it’s usually in hushed tones in the back of shady gyms between two guys who don’t know what they’re talking about. After the olympic suspensions, MLB scandal and every other manner of athlete being thrown to the coals because of PED use it’s no wonder why steroids is considered a bad word in america.

I’m here to tell you that people are wrong about steroids. They’re legal and when used correctly are incredibly beneficial with little to no side effects.

I started my journey towards perma-gains with Dianabol. This wonder drug, called “the bol” for short is designed to retain nitrogen in your muscle tissue. This helps you sythensize more protein, leading to increased muscle mass. The thing with nitrogen retention is that it lasts far longer than a regular workout “pump” which means that even skinny guys like me get to remain in shape even during our off season.

But maybe you don’t have my problem. Maybe you were blessed with great alpha genes that allow you to weight train more than your average human. Well steroids still might be something to look into. Most of us are trying to bulk in the winter and cut in the summer. The mesomorph can gain weight but getting rid of it so your ab muscles will show is a real challenge.

supplements for muscle image

That’s where Trenerol comes in.

“Tren” is a cutting agent that works by increasing testosterone in the athlete. The real magic here is the fat burning properties that allow you to decrease fat will retaining lean mucle mass. In other words you get to keep your gains and still show your abs in the summer. I gave a friend of mine tren and he’s never had a single negative side effect and he’s in excellent shape.

The world of steroids is prone to lots of misinformation so it’s important to do your research before taking anything. I made sure I understood my body and what was best for it before I started with the steroids.

Now when I go to the gym I know all the hard work I put in will pay off and I’ll get to keep it long term. It’s okay to work hard, hell its even mandatory to do so but it’s just as important to work smart and legal steroids are how ntelligent athletes fast track their physical development.

Are Muscle Supplements A Good Business Model?

Many business people work hard for long hours at the gym and they also follow healthy eating habits to become a proud owner of a muscular body. In spite of all these efforts, they fail to achieve the expected results. Are you one among them? What could be the reason? The most prominent reason is that you do not take a top quality supplement that compliments their workouts in the best possible manner. That is exactly where the importance of legal steroids comes in and is why the legal steroid business model is extremely lucrative in 2016.

In this article we will look at the attraction around these new supplements including the top selling Tren 75 trenbolone alternative and also how to manufacture the best dosages for trenbolone acetate and enanthate steroid pills. So keep reading to find out how you can be apart of this growing billion dollar market.

Victor Conte talks about sales of his supplements in the offices of his new company, SNAC, in Burlingame, Calif., Tuesday, April 24, 2007. Conte, the Johnny Appleseed of designer steroids, is back in a big way. Witness the new, $190,000 Bentley Continental GT parked outside the building that once housed the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, where federal agents uncovered a massive steroids ring and sparked professional sports' highest profile drug scandal. Since leaving prison a little over a year ago, Conte has built a nutritional supplements business on BALCO's ashes. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Follow the exact guidelines and eliminate unwanted side effects

Reliable legal steroids promote muscle growth like controlled steroids and unwanted side effects can never be associated with these supplements. Top quality legal steroids contain only natural ingredients and as the name indicates, they are 100% legal. You do not necessarily need a prescription to purchase them. The most significant aspect is that you should take them according to the exact guidelines of the manufacturer and such a method of approach guarantees best results.

Optimal nitrogen retention and high energy levels

The leading benefits of legal trenbolone steroids include optimal nitrogen retention, high energy levels, improved strength and increased stamina. Do you know that nitrogen retention plays a pivotal role in muscle recovery process? All of us always experience one of the three nitrogen retention states; positive, negative or equilibrium. In order to gain muscle and avoid training related regression; you need a positive nitrogen balance and legal steroids always helps your body balance the quantity of nitrogen at an optimal level. Since these steroids also keep your energy levels at a higher level, you workout sessions become more intense and result oriented. In such a situation, your stamina and strength improves considerably as well.


High metabolic rate and rapid fat burning

When your metabolic rate remains at a lower level, you will not be able to burn calories and lose weight in a fast manner. Legal anabolic steroids always keep your metabolic rate at an elevated level and in such a situation, fat burning becomes a hassle free process.

Compliment your workout with utmost efficiency

Today, you can come across a wide range of muscle building supplements including tren 75 and tbal 75, and all these products claim to increase your muscle mass and endurance in the best way possible. You need to realize that muscle mass growth depends primarily on muscle protein synthesis stimulation and, the quantity of workload that you place on each muscle group also plays a very vital role in growing muscle mass. So, you need regular workouts, proper nutrition and adequate rest to build a muscular body but you also have to consume legal anabolic steroids that compliment your workouts in the best possible manner.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that top trenbolone alternatives to legal steroids always compliment your muscle building regime in the best manner and they offer better stamina, high energy levels, optimal nitrogen retention, rapid fat burning, increased metabolism and many more benefits to make your weight loss journey extremely hassle free and highly result oriented as well.